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    stored procedure

    masoud_amen Level 1
      I have this procedure to show all the products:
      SELECT DISTINCT a.product_name, a.product_id, a.product_msrp, a.product_stripped, pp.product_price,
      b.cat_level2_id, b.cat_level2_name, b.cat_level2_stripped, c.cat_level3_name, c.cat_level3_id, c.cat_level3_stripped
      FROM tbl_product a
      INNER JOIN tbl_product_price pp ON a.product_id = pp.product_id
      INNER JOIN tbl_configurator z ON a.product_id = z.product_id
      INNER JOIN tbl_cat_level2 b ON z.cat_level2_id = b.cat_level2_id
      INNER JOIN tbl_cat_level3 c ON z.cat_level3_id = c.cat_level3_id
      WHERE a.product_active = 1
      AND a.product_name LIKE '%'
      ORDER BY a.product_name

      and it works on SQL perfectly.but when I use it in my page I've got this error:

      The element at position 2 of dimension 1, of array variable "URLARRAY," cannot be found.

      The error occurred in E:\www\drugStore old\rightPanel\products.cfm: line 14

      12 : ---------------------------------------------------------->
      13 : <CFSTOREDPROC procedure="spGetAllProducts" dataSource="#datasource#">
      14 : <CFPROCPARAM type="IN" CFSQLType="CF_SQL_VARCHAR" value="#urlArray[2]#" >
      15 : <CFPROCRESULT name="families">
      16 : </CFSTOREDPROC>
      I dont know what should I use instead of urlArray[2] or how should I declaire it.
      plz help