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    Suddenly Media Encoder won't export to .avi from a Premiere Pro sequence


      Came back to work today and out of the blue Media Encoder just won't export to .avi from a Premiere Pro sequence. Working with CS5 on Windows 7. That was the last thing I did yesterday before leaving work and it worked just fine, and it has always worked without any problems ever since I upgraded from CS4.

      Here are the steps I always take: go to Export-->Media from the Premiere Pro sequence and the settings open up, I select Microsoft AVI - PAL DV, click the queue button, AME opens up but nothing loads, the queue remains empty and nothing happens.

      I tried the same but selected MPEG-2 instead and it works that way.

      I also tried opening the sequence directly from AME and it does it but it doesn't give me the option to export it to Microsoft AVI, it's just not on the list.

      I deleted all preferences and old metadata options saved from all applications but that didn't help.

      Didn't install any updates whatsoever that might have changed anything at all from yesterday till now.

      If anyone knows what the problem might be and how to fix it, that will be truly appreciated, thanks in advance.