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    Path to folders in MXI

    DBarranca Level 4


      I've seen there are several Path Tokens in the MXI Tech Note pdf.

      Since ExtendScript provides a different set of tokens (which I use in my scripts to manage files), I'm currently trying to understand what is the intersection of these two groups (MXI and ExtendScript tokens).


      My goal is to install files (say, documentation PDFs) via Extension Manager in bundle with PS scripts - so that the scripts can find and open them when needed, later on.


      In particular, I'd be interested in the user's Documents folder and the user's Desktop folder. While they're easily defined with the myDocuments and desktop folder's tokens in ExtendScript, I couldn't find any MXI path token to get there - the closest I have is $userhomefolder.


      Is there any safe, language-independent (I mean: working not only in english operative systems) way to define such folders within a MXI? Would $userhomefolder/Documents and $userhomefolder/Desktop do the job?


      My doubt is that, for instance, an Italian user installing files via ExtensionManager under his Home/Desktop folder will have troubles because my Photoshop script (looking at the actual desktop) will try to locate them in the Home/Scrivania, failing.


      Thanks in advance!


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          Xiaoyi Tong Adobe Employee

          Hi DBarranca,


          $usernhomefolder/Documents and $userhomefolder/Desktop work in your case. It is language independent. In file explorer, the display name of "Documents" or "Desktop" is language dependent, but in file system, the paths are language independent. Thanks.