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    ID CS6 questions - TOC

    mentlity Level 1

      I had a word doc which I needed to convert to epub. I first went from word to Sigil and it looked pretty good as Sigil retained all the styles, then I went to validate  and I saw the TONS of errors. I had just finished a .id to .interactive .pdf and remembered I had the Kindle plug in for ID, so I selected ALL the text in the word doc ( I had converted it to html first) and started pasting the text on each page as I made 20 pages and command clicked to load the cursor. A bit of work but when it was done I added the cover and did a guided export. The first time I did I got a warning about the cover being too small. Once I corrected and exported again I never got any warning or confirmation message that the file was done. So I opened and checked in EPub Checker and I got no errors. Opened in Kindle Fire and it looks stunning! So before I start dancing around I need some info here first,


      is it normal when exporting using the Kindle plug in if there are no errors that No warning comes up?


      second, is there an easier way to select all the text from the word doc while using the loaded cursor and automatically copying the text into the linked text boxes?