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    Flash Player Update 11.4.402.278 (Active-X and Plug in).


      I have Windows Vista Home Premium SP 2 and IE9


      1.     Browser tells me I have wrong version of Flash Player.

      2.     Control panel says I have version 11.

      3.     I accept download option and start to download 11.4.402.278 from install_flashplayer11x32ax_gtbp_chrd_aih.exe

      4.     at 50% of install it tells me to close IE.

      5.     I Close IE and install completes

      6.     Web site opens up to tell me my download was successful.

      7.     I open a new browser tab, go to my home page (happens to be virgin media). It tells me again I do not have the latest version on Flash Player

      8.     Control panel tells me I have version 11 installed.

      9.      I go to http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html to check installed version - it shows me a blank box - no flash player version, no OS are displayed!

      10.    Flash Player settings manager says I have 11.4.402.278 (Active-X and Plug in) and we go round again.


      I have tried to run the file, save and run the file, and restart windows.  I have turned on automated Adobe updates.

      I have checked this thing up and down and still 


      1.     Adobe says I have downloaded and installed successfully. 

      2.     Windows tells me the product is there. 

      3.     The browser says it is the wrong version. 

      4.     The Adobe help site can find no version.

      5.     I can see no flash content as my player is "not current"


      The help page offers check (and shows me nothing) - install (won't run if browser is open but tells me it has installed after I close the browser) - and solve issues (if it actually identified the issues above and helped me solve them wouldn't that be something!)