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    How do I work in a sequence with a split screen of a still JPEG in one half and a video in the other


      I am extremely new at using Premiere Pro CS6.....new to video editing altogether.  I have the basics of using the program down for making rough edits and improving clips that are sent to me.  However I've been given an assignment that I have no idea how to accomplish.  Basically I need to put together a video clip with a split screen.  One side will have a still JPEG image and the other will have a video clip related to the image.  I also need to use yellow and red highlighting on the still image at the same time.  I'm researching this subject online but if anyone can help me out in the meantime I'd really appreciate it.  I haven't started the project yet so I have nothing to take a screen shot of.  I'm working on a Mac (IMAC 27").  Thanks in advance for any help.