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    Need to make a QT video that pauses in the middle, then resumes.

    spdorsey6969 Level 1

      I am making a video for a client that is about 10 minutes long. All in After Effects/Maya. It needs to play through to about 8 minutes in, then pause while the client has a product demo. Then he will jump back into the video.


      Is Director the best way to accomplish this? I'd make a Windows DVD ROM that plays back the video and then automatically pauses at the desired point, displaying a looping "demo" background while he demonstrates, then jumping back into the closing of the video when the spacebar is pressed again?


      Can I do this with Mac Director? Or do I need the Windows version?


      Also, can I play back 1080p video from a DVD ROM? What's the recommended compression rate and codec for compatability with Director, and so that it will play back smoothly?



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          Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

          What you describe is relatively easy to build in Director. You may be able to just use a video player that has 3 videos in a play list, the 8 minute start, the looping one and the 2 minute end sequence. Anyway, if you were to build it in Director, you could do it on Windows or Mac. If it's a speaker delivered demo, why not just run it from the hard drive? Running from the hard drive will generally result in a smoother playback of the video.