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    Can i be Refunded?


      I Downloaded the Adobe CS6 from a friend who was not gonna use it anymore...

      When it too FOREVER to install i opened it

      the application opened....then crashed..  So i re-installed TWICE

      This time it didnt crash.. everytime i imported a clip.. it would be zoomed it, and the sounds will be deep. and staticy..

      i was NOT Happy.  all my companions say Ae CS6 is AMAZING!

      but since then...i moved and the serial numbers where lost.... idont know if theres anywy i can be refunded for the Application. but if so i would definately like to know!

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          How long since you made the purchase?  What country did you make the purchase?  What does your friend have to do with the purchase?  Did you buy it from Adobe, or from your friend?


          If you bought it from a friend, and did not notify Adobe of change of ownership, then your friend will need to provide you with proof of purchase before you think about speaking to Adobe.


          Your rights to a refund will change depending on the country you purchased from, the country you are in, and the time since you purchased. 


          It sounds like you've had the software for quite a while, so it's unlikely you will be eligible for a refund.  You can call Adobe Support to try and retrieve your lost serial numbers.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Simply get in touch with support. I could go into endless details about why your post sounds fishy from stem to stern, but let's just leave it at that....



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Downloaded from a friend who was not going to use it anymore???


              If you did not purchase the software or you did not register the product then there is no way to track the purchase to you, track the serial numbers to you or get a refund. If you registered the program then you did not loose the serial numbers and there should be no problem working something out with Adobe providing you have not violated the EULA. If your friend registered the program and transferred ownership to you there's another paper trail that is in Adobe's database.