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    Are there any reported conflicts of CS6 (Stand-alone) with other Non-Adobe Software Programs?

    Stacey Bindman Level 1

      I just downloaded a trial version of CS6 (standalone) 64 bit for my Imac 27" 3.06 dual (OS 10.8.1) 4 GB Ram.


      I tried it, and then closed down to compare it to anothernon-Adobe program.


      As soon as I tried to open a file image in this other program, I could';t open the other program.

      I kept getting that bothersome Apple notice where you write a note, send it, and reopnen the software.

      This happened over and over,until I decided to uninstall CS6 and reboot my IMac.

      The problem with the other Non-Adonbe software disappeared, and that program functioned as beofre.


      Has anyone experienced this problem?


      I prefer not to mention the other porogram, but that company has been notified as well.