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    Flash Builder Plug-in Utility Issue


      I try to run Flash Builder's Plug-in Utility to install it in Eclipse installation.


      It first has a window where it extracts something, then javaw.exe completely hoses up the CPU, then it pops up non-interactive window with java icon in taskbar (no window actually, just an option to close it by right clicking on the taskbar icon, then Close Window) and it stands like that forever.


      Window 7 64 bit

      Flash Builder 4.6

      Java 1.7.0_07 32 bit

      Eclipse is 3.7 32 bit but that doesn't matter since I don't come to step where I'm supposed to locate eclipse installation folder.


      Same things hapens for FB 4.7 from the labs, but all 64 bit (java, eclipse juno...).