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    Workaround for Unavailable Fonts?

    Eadig Level 1

      Hello everyone


      I use two different versions of Fireworks at work and home. After creating an image with a text box at work and tried opening the file at home, I got a message that reads 'Text in this document uses fonts that are not available on your system.' Then I have remembered hearing there is a way to prevent this happening using Outline but don't know how this would be possible. If anyone knows how this sort of problem is prevented by using the Outline funcationality, please let me know.


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          groove25 Level 4

          That's right. Selecting a text box and choosing Text > Convert to Paths will convert the formatted text into a group of vector objects. The downside to this is that the text will no longer be editable—in content or formatting. There may also be a small change in the rendering upon conversion.


          I can't recall: Does the dialog allow you to work with the file and save the file, as long as you don't try to edit the text? If so, simply leaving the text alone may be as good of a solution in this case. (You could still edit the text later on your other Fireworks setup.)

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            Eadig Level 1

            Thanks, that's exactly it. I also confirm that you can indeed keep working with the file by saying yes to the prompt and edit it later on another copy of Fireworks.