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    Audio disappears in Premiere Pro after export from Prelude


      From Prelude I have been sending my first two rough cuts to Premiere Pro. Nothing wrong with this, works perfect!

      But when I close Premiere Pro and re-open the project all my audio is gone. The waveform in the clip is gone and is coloured dark red. After searching for a while I was able to get the audio back with right clicking on each clip separately, and then use REPLACE WITH CLIP/FROM BIN when the Media Browser was selected. When the Project Panel is open I can’t do this. It also isn’t possible to select all the clips in the Timeline and do the previous command. It happened with both an AVCHD- and XDCAM HD rough cut. The structure of the AVCHD- and XDCAM HD-files is intact and just the same as on the cards and Professional Disc.

      Any thoughts about what I’m doing wrong? Is this a Prelude or Premiere Pro Issue?

      Thank you very much in advanced,