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    Order form with muliple options




      I have tried the free trial of forms central and am trying to decide to upgrade or not.. This is what I am trying to do.


      I run a ski chalet company in France. Once the guests have booked I send the party leader a form to fill in to get the groups details and also to book lift passes. I have been using an excel spreadsheet so far to do this  but would like to make it more professional.


      Now lift passes are very complicated..  for example they get these choices..


      The area- Courchevel or Three Valleys


      Type of pass - individual, family or group


      If an individual pass then are they a child, adult or senior


      how many days they would like the lift pass for




      On my excel spread sheet I used a  table with  drop down boxes and the index function.


      Could I do this kind of thing in Forms central?  I understand it might have to be in a different format.


      Thanks in advance.