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    Is Flex the way to go?

    imagedoctor Level 1

      I'm just starting to venture out as a real world programmer (just finished up a 2 year web programming Associates just to get the background) and want to find one road to focus on.  My problem is that I want to know it all.  I want to learn every language that's out there and how to work in any framework.  Every blog I go to recommends a new something.  I need a focus.  Eventually I want to create programs that will be desktop based and have mobile counterparts so that users will be able to access most, if not all, of their data anywhere.  I own a photography post-produciton business and have been in the photo/design world for many years so Adobe has always been my firend and go to source.  I'd love to stick with Adobe, but I'm not clear if Flex/Air is the way to go.  Whatever my first program is, it will be based around photography I'm sure, so I immediately think Adobe porduct woul dbe great (I know, I know.. Adobe is more than Photoshop....... it's Lightroom too   )

      From those of you with experince, is Flex/Air a good path to focus on? I just know I'm not going to go anywhere by trying to dabble in everything.

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          pauland Level 4

          Flex has a definite question-mark over it, particularly long-term.


          There is no one-size fits all platform, so decide what your project will be.


          Html 5/Javascript is the clear favourite these days, but Adobe seem to be working to create that as a target for Flash and Flex.


          Decide on a specific project, then ask the question again.

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            imagedoctor Level 1

            thanks for the response.

            Flex has a definite question-mark over it, particularly long-term.

            that is one of my biggest concerns. All I read from Adobe seems like the are really committed, especially to the AIR platform.  However almost every blog I read says that no one knows.


            Decide on a specific project, then ask the question again.

            That's a great point.  Just like when I started designing and developing for websites I had to create fake projects for me to really learn PHP, SQL, etc. 
            Let's go with this.  I will design a Studio Managment Application. 



            -Calendar with the ability to make appointments, etc

            -Client database, with standard client information

            -Ordering - placing client orders, tracking orders through a workflow, connecting to a merchant service to charge credit cards, set multiple price list with many products, etc.

            -Image managment- able to download and backup images from a media card.  manage and organize images (creating tags, ratings, etc compatible with Lightroom).  Able to upload images to an online hosting service.

            -Desktop application for MAC and PC.

            -Mobile Application.

                 ->able to see calendar, client, and order information

                 ->especailly on talets, be able to navigate and sort through client images


            Obviously those are the basics and just the big picture, a lot more thought will need to go into each idea.  This is something realistic though that cna have practical usage.  Since my company works with helping photographer organize their workflow I can see this as a logical direction.  Also this is an application that I can easily see the needs for being able to connect multiple platoforms. It's not unusual at all to see photographers have PC workstations, MAC laptops, an android phone, and an Ipad.  I want them to be able to connect all those together for a more efficent workflow.


            With that in mind, is Flex/Air a good path to focus on?

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              pauland Level 4

              Flex/Air is certainly up to your project.


              As a newish programmer you need to decide if Flex is good for the longer term and worth your investment. Nobody here can seriously answer that point.

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                John Hall Level 4

                I would add that for desktop apps, I'm totally still behind AIR. I, too, have adopted a wait-and-see policy about web apps. There are some very, very bright people working on Apache Flex. The issue is will they burn out. They have other things to attend to for living expenses. However, if the core group of folks who are working on it continue to do so for the next 6 months, I think it has a chance to become a very amazing opensource project. Only time will tell.


                On the other hand, if Adobe ever shuts down AIR, I'm hitting the uninstall button on the whole Creative Suite ;-) That said, all the stuff that you mentioned is currently solidly supported by Adobe. For the calendar stuff, you might want to take a look at flex-component.com. They're in France and focusing on calendaring components. They've been a huge help to me on and off their forum implementing my own scheduling components.