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    I can't select split document option with CS6

    Kratos27 Level 1

      Hi. I have Indesign CS5.5 on PC but I have been working on a document with the trial of CS6. I have set a table of contents (in the user interface, not in the book pages.)


      I'm all set to export the document. In CS5.5 i have the option to tick the box Export Document at Paragraph Style and then select the style that I want my book to be split at. This always works fine.


      However when using CS6 to export to epub i select the Advanced tab. The Split Document box does not list the style I want to use to split the document.

      It just has Body text, Chapter Title, intro/outro and Based on Paragraphy Style Export Tag. Why can I not select the style I want that is in my document?

      Is it a limitation of the trial?