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    Internet Exploder 9 distorts some SVG images if rotated...why?

    JackPitsker Level 1


      In the above image, the cam-valve (the blue springy thing) on the right is done with PNG images, while the one on the left (and everything else, for that matter) is done with SVG files. It looks fine in Chrome, Firefox, iOS devices. But in IE9, some of the SVG images wind up looking skewed if they are rotated. But not all of them. For example, the rod and crankshaft at the bottom both rotate through the animation, and they look fine. But the fuel injector (small thing on the upper-right side) doesn't move, and its rotation apparently skews the image. I've examined the SVG files to see if there was anything different about the various pieces to explain this seemingly arbitrary skewing, but I can't figure it out. Anyone else encounter this and discover the culprit? I'd like to use SVG files when I need to and not have to worry that IE is going to mess them up.