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    Images placed in InDesign look terrible

    freicook Level 1

      Let me preface this by letting you know that I understand pixels and the difference between preparing print and web graphics. However…


      I recently signed up for Creative Cloud and decided to use all Adobe tools to do my day-to-day tasks. It's been a few years since I used InDesign as a wireframing tool and decided to use it for this particular project to help me create a massive prototype with more of a "finished-design" look to so I wouldn't have to explain to people that I'm not creating a black and white web app.


      But a few hours into and I'm going insane. This project is for the web. I chose web from the preset menu of available sizes in Document Setup. In Photoshop I'm working on an image that's 72dpi which I'm doing on purpose since most screens are still using that. Remember, this is just a prototype. I export my graphics from Photoshop using PNG and when I import them into InDesign they just look terrible. I have High Quality Display selected in Display Performance. Thinking this just might be a rendering issue, I tried exporting the prototype to PDF and they still look terrible.


      Is InDesign defaulting to 300dpi? Even though I selected web at Document Setup? Is there anything I can do to make these images look better other than start all over again in Photoshop at a higher resolution?

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