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    Render Bar Question

    Matt_@_CPS Level 1

      My sequence is at 1440x1080, set to what I shot the first clip in. At first the colored render bar (?) was yellow. When I brought the second clip in, I noticed I had shot it at 1920x1080. (Whoops) I figured that bar would be red for the second clip since it's dimensions didn't match the sequence dimensions, but the bar over the first clip went red after I brought the second clip in. It doesn't seem to be a big deal but I just thought it was odd. Any idea why that happened like that?


      Also if you know the proper term for the "colored render bar" feel free to correct my terminology there. The tutorials I've been watching have been referring to it simply as the "yellow/red/green bar."


      I will likely be very active in Premiere Pro forums for at least the next couple months.




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