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    Using Flash to Build a Simple Slideshow w/ Fluid, Animated Background


      Hi there!


      I need some tips on using Flash for a project I've been assigned. I'm not familiar with scripting, or even using Flash in general, but I have a small project to do and I can't think of any other way to do it. Here's the job:


      During an opening celebration, there will be various people giving speeches at a podium. Behind them on a screen or wall, there will be a projected image (actually, an animated background) and their name. As the speaker leaves, their name will dissolve out and the next speaker's name will appear. Someone with a laptop connected to the projector will be controlling this advance. I am thinking that on a keystroke, the first name will appear. The second keystroke will remove that name. A third keystroke will make the next name appear. And so on. Essentially, this is a slideshow, akin to something made in PowerPoint, but the fluid, looping animated background behind the names is preventing me from building it in PowerPoint (actually, I would use Apple Keynote).


      I would like to build the background in After Effects, as I am proficient with that program. Is it possible to throw a video file into Flash and set it up to loop infinitely? I imagine there is some sort of Action Script that can be written to tell a certain layer to play forever.


      And the speaker-name aspect I am totally lost on, because of the interactive aspect. I would assume one could input a list of names, style the text box, and use Action Script to sequentially go through the list. Or perhaps have the names randomly accessible (in case the line-up of speakers changes order at the last minute? Not necessary, but it might be a good call).


      If there are any tutorials here (or elsewhere) that would specifically be useful for this project, please let me know. And of course, any ideas or thoughts are much appreciated!


      Thank you!