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    Motion Tracking a dud


      I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered what to me appears to be a couple of bugs with Motion Tracking.


      1. The first is that on most videos I have used (MTS files), when I select the clip on the timeline and hit the Motion Tracking button nothing happens. Literally nothing. The button doesn't switch to the "on" mode, and the Auto-Analyzer pop-up window doesn't come up. After days of messing around with it, I found a bizarre solution. Rename the file! So if Motion Tracking won't switch on on file 00001.mts, I delete it from the media collection in Premiere Elements, rename it on the file system to say 0001.mts, reimport it, drag it onto the timeline, and hit Motion Tracking...and it works!


      2. Well it works to a point. I can run Auto-Analyzer or Add Object manually, and it will find objects and track them. When I try to drag an item from Clip Art into the video window to anchor it to the object, Premiere Elements doesn't link it with the object. I've seen on YouTube demos that the orange box around the object changes to blue. That doesn't happen for me. It remains orange and when I drop the clip art on the object box, it simply drops it as a new layer and doesn't follow the object. This I can't find a workaround for as in 1. Has anyone experienced this?


      I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 10 on a 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate installation running on 64-bit hardware.


      Thanks in advance.