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    TileList scroll by page

    Don Kerr Level 3

      I have a spark List with a  TileLayout of 2 rows and 3 columns.  I want to programatically scroll it horizontally ever 6 items (like a page).


      I've tried ensureIndexIsVisible(), but can't seem to get it to do every 6 items and in some cases at the end of the list there may not be a total of 6.


      Jason's PagedList is pretty close, but it only appies to one item at a time. 


      I need a scrollRightSix() and a scrollLeftSix() function.


      I will call these functions when the Kinect user selects Next or Previous hotspot, so the user isn't scrolling the list themselves directly.


      Any ideas?





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          Don Kerr Level 3


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            Don Kerr Level 3

            Oh well, since the spark List doesn't appear to provide for scrolling tiled data by page,  I went with what I could change ... the data.


            I split the ArrayCollection up by the number of pages, then used filterFunction to change the page as the user holds their hand on the kinect repeaterHandle.  Looks the same as scrolling, but it is not. 


            So, I end up with the same effect as my iPhone page scrolling through a tile of apps ... with a little client-side magic.


            It would be nice if the enable page scrolling would actually work on something more than a single item at a time.


            I'm happy with this solution for now, but if anyone knows how to do it better, please let me know.