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    Premiere Quitting Problem


      I am currently using Premiere Pro CS6 and the program refuses to quit. It will save and render and its not frozen. It just refuses to quit. The only way to get out of the program is to go into the Activity Monitor and Force Quit it. I am currently running this on a MacBook Pro and OS 10.7.

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          I've got the same issue on a MacBook Pro Retina recently purchased and clean-installed. After a few weeks and some projects the application started having problems when quitting. When I stop working with PP CS6 everything is saved, but the program won't quit. Only by 'force quit' it stops. Not a big deal, because I haven't lost my project, but still anoying. I tried trashing the prefs, but it didn't solve it. Any clue?

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            thepossibility Level 1

            Yep, same problem here. Late 2010 Macbook Air, 10.7.5.


            Was working fine for the last few months, now it refuses to quit properly, unless you don't open any projects. Even the smallest project refuses to quit. Only started happening in October.


            Not life-threatening, but extremely annoying.

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              thepossibility Level 1

              I don't suppose either of you guys changed the language on your Mac recently?


              I was using US English but I came to Mexico last month so I changed my Mac to Spanish. It could have been something to do with it?

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                nureekim Level 1

                I never switched languages when I use Premiere but I did activate Korean on mine. hmm...

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                  MFCdesigns Level 1

                  Same thing happens here and I have never switched languages or installed anything but English.  I have found it does eventually quit, but after about 10 mins of spinning beach balls.

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                    Same thing happens to me - I have never switched languages. It does not quit on its own, I left on for an entire weekend at one point.

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                      thepossibility Level 1

                      A new development -


                      PP quit properly for the first time in ages tonight, because I was doing a lot of work in the Metalogging workspace.


                      I've found out (only a couple of my projects at least) that PP will quit properly if I do not switch to the Editing workspace. If at any stage I load that workspace, when I exit PP it will either hang or crash ("quit unexpectedly").


                      I confirmed this by opening a couple of projects and going to the Metalogging workspace and saving them while I was in there. Then quitting and opening PP again - it should open directly into that workspace. If you quit from there, it should quit cleanly.


                      Can anyone else confirm this?


                      I hope someone from Adobe is reading this, or the bug reports I keep submitting.

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                        mikefromastoria Level 1

                        Premiere will crash when exiting from metalogging or editing workspace for

                        me. However, if I open up an empty project and then quit, it will close

                        properly. So I have been opening up a dummy project first before quitting

                        every time.



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                          thepossibility Level 1

                          Premiere has started quitting properly again - I believe as a result of changing back to my original timezone.


                          I'm from Australia, been working on a project in Mexico for the last 2 months. The quitting problems started happening while I was there.

                          On the plane on the way back, I changed the timezone and now it has started quitting properly.


                          A word of caution - it has also offlined every clip in my project. Possibly because I changed the timezone while Premiere was running. Everything was working fine until I saved/closed and re-opened the project. Now all the clips are unlinked.

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                            thepossibility Level 1

                            Sorry, scratch that – I just relinked a bunch of media (manually, might I add, because automatic relinking only picked up half the files and then without audio anyway, which is useless) and then saved the project and quit - it hangs again.


                            Joy of joys.

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                              mikefromastoria Level 1

                              I upgraded to Mountain Lion and that helped, though I occasionally still

                              have stability problems.

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                                Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                It has happened to me with CS5.5 on Windows 7.


                                I have found it to happen with a specific project.  Other projects will allow it to open again without ending the process in Task Manager.  It may be related to having certain effects or transistions applied by either Pixelan or  Vitascene or Mercalli.  I haven't narrowed it down yet.

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                                  Did anyone ever happen to find a solution to your problem, nureekim?


                                  It seems I'm coming across the same issue. 


                                  Both Premiere and Prelude will not close after I open them.  Command+Q and Premiere > Quit Premiere do nothing.  I also found I cannot open another Premiere Project or create a new project.  Premiere just sits indefinitely, no spinning rainbow wheel.


                                  I'm able to save and continue working on the currently opened project just fine but if I try to quit, open another project, or start a new project, Premiere just stares at me.  No abnormal background activity.  The only way to close it is to force quit the program.  Premiere doesn't seem to be crashing and it saves all my project data so not a life-or-death situation but, still, very annoying as I often need to switch between projects.


                                  I'm on a mac pro OSX 10.8.5.


                                  Adobe Update Manager for my CS6 says everything is up-to-date.

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                                    nureekim Level 1

                                    Unfortunately no. I just reinstalled Premiere. I havent had a problem in

                                    months but I've also been really selective with third party plugins.

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                                      Alexander_Vy Level 1

                                      Thanks for the quick response, nureekim!


                                      I noticed this "quitting" issue happening AFTER I reinstalled Premiere in an effort to alleviate another issue I was having.  Compared to my last error issue, this quitting problem is the lesser of two evils haha.  I suppose I'm just bad luck.


                                      Thanks again.

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                                        Trimmertop Level 1

                                        I had not had this problem until now, but after reading this thread I checked out what workspace I was exiting on ... turns out the issue only occurred when I tried to shut down while in COLOUR workspace; as soon as I reverted to EDITING workspace and then shut down, the quit was ok.