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    Security Error in the same domain

      Hi all

      I've been trying to access servlets from within my flex application on a different server, but on the same domain.
      The domains are something like:

      http://server-1.domain.test.co.uk - Flex Application
      http://server-2.domain.test.co.uk - Java Servlets

      They are both deployed on Tomcat 5 servers, on separate machines.

      i.e. If I try to call http://server-2.domain.test.co.uk/Servlet?param1=test from within Flex under http://server-1.domain.test.co.uk I will get an RPC Security Error.

      If the addresses are typed directly into the browser there are no communication issues.

      I have run with similar configurations in the past and not had this problem. I've deployed crossdomain files (although I shouldn't need them) and it has not made any difference.

      I do not want to use a proxy if I can help it, and I am NOT using dataservices.

      If anyone has any ideas let me know, cheers.