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    Why AIR presents debug dialog at launch?

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      I am using FU and the <flexunit> Ant task to run some AIR based FlexUnit tests.  The version of AIR is 3.1.  I have staged a filesystem in which the tests are built and launched from. In particular, in my Ant script, I am overiding the Windows env vars USERPROFILE and HOME. At first I had errors even getting adl.exe to launch at all (see forums.adobe.com/thread/1076319), but now that I have created the folders in my staged area that AIR is apparently looking for, I am getting it to launch now.  However, it is now presenting me with a debug dialog (see image below), rather than running the tests.




      Could someone help me to understand why AIR is presenting this dialog, and how I can prevent it from happening in the first place?  Ideally, I want this to be a CI-like unattended situation.  I am sure that my using a different folder for the user home dir (USERPROFILE) is the likely culprit. Any advice?