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    Your What are Your Recommended TextPad Embellishments

    kellybellis Level 1

      As a long-time TextPad user I've been quite impressed with the editor's amazing and powerful features and is why I have been feeling lately that the ESTK is coming up a little on the short end as I begin this journey into writing attempting to write ExtendScript /JavaScript for InDesign.


      With Theunis's compiled CHM help file as an added tool available from TextPad, I may try scripting away from the ESTK, but will miss ESTK's visual enhancement of the code.


      There are so many add-ons available to the TextPad user to use, and as many of you have traveled this road already; what are your recommended clip libraries, macros and syntax definitions that would be worthwhile to the aspiring InDesign script writer?


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.




      PS. Thanks to Theunis (aka Jongware) for making the CHM available to this community!