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    Mesh can't be edited..

    Andymc7 Level 1

      Hey all, got a weird thing happening in CS6 and wondered if any of you have ran into it. I've imported an .obj file and I was able to move, scale and edit as desired. Then I closed the doce and reopend at a later time to find that not only did the position and scale of the mesh totally change, but I was also no longer able to move, scale or edit it in any way! every time I'd use the 3d tools to move it around or scale it, it would simply snap back into the previous position! Any clue what's going on? Very frustrating.


      Thanks in advance,



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          SG... Adobe Employee

          Hi Andy,


          I sent you a private message. I don't know of anything directly that might be causing this but hope we can help.


          Does the .obj ever give you problems, or is it just the saved .psd? Is this the same file that has a material which is causing problems?