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    Trimmed Quicktime Time code Media Files not reading correctly in CS5+ (works in CS4).


      I'm using Prores footage with metadata Timecode inserted into the Quicktime file.  Then I edit the Quicktime file, click "Save" and then import the trimmed file into APP CS4.  CS4 recognizes the edited clip and displays the timecode correctly (adhearing to the trims made on the file with Quicktime).


      BUT, in CS5, when I use the SAME clips, the timecode displays what the untrimmed timecode on the trimmed image.  So now, my timecode is OFF. 


      Really want to figure out how to fix this.  Does CS6 fix this issue?  Is there a preference or custom setting I need to select in order to have CS5 adhere to the metadata stored in the Quicktime file's timcode information?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!