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    Problem with distributed version of Flash Player


      Having an issue with distributed version of Flash Player.  Currently using latest copy of it but having same problem with previous versions.  Issue is that some of my systems are unable to view a streamed video (we have an FMS 4.0 server) unless I temporarily set the internet proxy and start a streamed video.  Following this, I can disable to the proxy (internal policy prevents allowing direct internet access for user systems).  I have 200 systems all configured the same with Windows 7 and this problem is only affecting a percentage of them.  Key problem for me, is when a user logs into a system having the problem,  I have to remote to their system while they are logged on to perform this fix.  Uninstalling flash and deleting macromed folder under system doesn't fix it.  During install, a mms.cfg file is put into the macromed folder containing 'AutoUpdateDisable=1'.  What I can't understand is why this problem is only affecting some but not all of the systems.  Nor can I determine why the problem is 'fixed' for the user by allowing a one time access thru the proxy.  Can you tell me what is being set during that one time internet access and if I can push it to other systems without requiring tempory internet access?