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    ADE 2.0 for Mac


      Hello, I need Adobe Digital Editions to buy and read an e-book from Elsevier Publisher. I have downloaded "DigitalEditions2.0.pkg", but my Mac says it can not run it, because it comes from unidentified author  

      Funny, because Mac says that "Safari has downloaded the file from www.adobe.com". It suggests going to Mac App Store - where the program is not available.

      I had a chat with rather unprofessional expert from Adobe, who suggested changing browser to download the installer again and then creating new admin account on my Mac. I think it is a waste of my time.

      Anybody could help? Thanks.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          You should talk to the Mac expert, not the Adobe expert, if you get a

          message from your Mac when it tries to install software.


          What he might tell you is that Lion did not support Digital Editions

          1.7 (and that it won't support 2.0?).  That's the best this Windows guy can

          do - sorry!



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            I got the exact same message, and if you go into your security iconinyour settings, you can chose to receive downloads from any source (not just Apple apps or identified authors). But I'm afraid that that might not fix your problem. I changed that, downloaded ADE 2.0, migrated my older files (ebooks) and then got the error message from Apple that this was not a supported application. Sigh. I'm hoping that I can find another app or application to read my ebooks (there are only a few that I've had to use ADE for so far, thank goodness). Oh, I was using an ancient G4 running Leopard, and the problems popped up tonight with my new (wheeee!) Air running Mountain Lion.

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              hjanzen8 Level 1

              Ok, you may have read the posts that I have now, but just in case...  apparently ADE is not yet compatible with Mountain Lion, so we're stuck for a while unless we can go either to the publisher, or seller and request suggestions for how to read our purchases. Luckily for me most of my affected books are fiction, and not for work/school.  I imagine that your Elsevier books are as nearly expensive as my Elsivier hardcovers - nice textbooks/reference materials.

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                petriwoj Level 1

                YES! You are right, hjnazen8. Go to Settings > Security > click padlock to unlock it > choose Allow programs from any source. I have Polish version of Mountain Lion, so there could be different words in the pathway.

                After that I was able to run installer DigitalEditions2.0.pkg downloaded from Adobe.com. It found my previous version of ADE 1.7.2, transferred my e-books to the new version and even suggested uninstalling old program, which I agreed. At the end there was a warning that the program can not run in MacOS, but I ignored it. Everything works OK.    PS I just wonder why a person responsible for the program in Adobe could not help me and wasted my time.

                And ... Good luck with your new MacBook Air!

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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  I understand your frustration with Adobe tech support.  Please remember

                  that those people are trained to support programs you pay for, and get only

                  minimal training on Digital Editions.



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                    Aha, is this why I haven't been able to run the four .acsm files that I downloaded to this new iMac?  Though ADE 2.0 installed just fine, but I still can't do anything with it. 


                    My issue is that Google thinks that my device limit has been reached, but actually I haven't even been able to generate e-pub files from .acsm from any of these files I've downloaded yet.  I've been reading this forum and authorizing/deauthorizing and uninstalling/reinstalling ADE, downloaded in Firefox, downloaded in Safari, nothing works.  I've emailed Google to get them to reset the files, but I never hear anything from them.


                    So anyway - sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but am I waiting for the Mac OS to upgrade to 10.7.5 or something, or is this something that will hopefully be fixed in the next ADE upgrade?   Or have I got some completely different problem that means that I have to wait for Google? 


                    Thanks, and sorry for piling onto your thread, but I figure it beats starting yet another one.