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    CQ's built-in search requires jcr:content nodes?

    biosopher Level 1

      I'd like to build my data model within CQ5 while at the same time using CQ5's built-in search.  It seems I must 'inflate' my data model with unnecessary  jcr:content nodes in order to do so.


      This is what I'd like:


      /content/myapp/data/recipes [myapp:recipeList]

      /content/myapp/data/recipes/recipe1 [myapp:recipe]

      /content/myapp/data/recipes/recipe2 [myapp:recipe]

      /content/myapp/data/categories [myapp:categoryList]

      /content/myapp/data/categories/Thai [myapp:recipe_category]

      /content/myapp/data/categories/Indian [myapp:recipe_category]

      /content/myapp/data/categories/Vegan [myapp:recipe_category]



      In this 'reduced' model, all my properties can be added to my child nodes.  Seems to be searchable though:


      - *List nodes must extend cq:page

      - the recipe and category nodes must be nested within a jcr:content node

      - the recipe and category nodes must extend cq:page instead of nt:unstructured

      - the recipe properties must be nested within yet another layer of jcr:content nodes


      /content/myapp/data/recipes [myapp:recipeList]

      /content/myapp/data/recipes/jcr:content/recipe1 [myapp:recipe]

      /content/myapp/data/recipes/jcr:content/recipe2 [myapp:recipe]

      /content/myapp/data/recipes/jcr:content/recipe1/jcr:content/recipeproperties [myapp:recipeprops]

      /content/myapp/data/recipes/jcr:content/recipe2/jcr:content/recipeproperties [myapp:recipeprops]

      /content/myapp/data/categories [myapp:categoryList]

      /content/myapp/data/categories/jcr:content/Thai [myapp:recipe_category]

      /content/myapp/data/categories/jcr:content/Indian [myapp:recipe_category]

      /content/myapp/data/categories/jcr:content/Vegan [myapp:recipe_category]


      What value do I obtain from adding all the extra jcr:content nodes?