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    How to centre the Preloader?

    tmacka_88 Level 1



      Currently have successfully centred the stage using various methods however, none of these methods have any impact on the preloader.


      I have tried the methods stated in



      such as

      <style type="text/css">


      #Stage {

          height: 400px;

          width: 940px;

          margin-right: auto;

          margin-left: auto;






      however this doesn't work for me.


      Is there another way to centre the preloader or am i missing something.

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          joel_pau Level 5



          Here is my experience.

          1) My preloader:


          2) So, i wrote:

          #loader-bar { margin: auto; }

          #loading { margin: auto; }


          Now, my preloader and your stage:

          #loader-bar, #loading, #Stage {

               height: 400px;

               width: 940px;

               margin: auto;



          Of course, you add style tag.