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    album and imagegame problem

    peor Level 1
      I have two problem with my actionscript and these are:

      ..:: This is first problem ::..

      When I press on one red or blue rectangle so cames this up by tween motion and stop.
      But now can I move scroller to left of image album.
      How can I proceed to lock scroller when one red or blue rectangle cames up and stop.
      Or I must remove scroller with _visible.
      You can see with album.fla and albumScroll.as ( album.swf) how I have did that.

      In this gallery. When I click one picture as tween up when I click another picture so tween this up and previous pictures stop.
      How can I made this code in album.fla.

      ..:: This is second problem ::..

      In the end of image game so cames a button Imagegame. And when I press the button start again image game and here begin
      the problem. I can't see the text in each of image and the end of image game. Why aren't so or I must reload flash site to see the text.

      You can see with imagegame.fla ( imagegame.swf) how I have did that.