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    Why is the Filter Bin Content Slow?


      We recently switched from FCP 7.0.3 to Premiere Pro CS6 on various computers in the office (Retina Display, Mac Pro with Quadro 4000 Accesior Card, 2010 Macbook Pro w/ SSD). We are using thunderbolt and ESATA external drives for this projects media files. We are using the Documents folder on the Main SSD Hard drive for the autosaves, preview files and cache.


      We are dealing with 20,000 clips mostly shot with VARICAM 2700, and 5D Mark 3. None of it is transcoded. When searching for things, I have noticed in most ways it is more difficult than FCP 7.0.3. When I type "water", in the Filter Bin window (Spotlight underneath the project window). it takes about a minute for the entire word to appear. Is this normal? Apple F seems pretty lame as it does not pull up all of the clips in a separate browser window, like FCP does.


      Lastly, would transcoding these clips make the search, navigating and scrubbing faster?


      Is Documents in my internal SSD the best place to store Media Cache?


      Many thanks!