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    Error on creating duplicates


      When I tried to change option 'display' from 'Always On' to 'Off' on one of my elements i catched an error 'An error occurred. Please save your work and restart Edge Animate'. After this happened I can't create any duplicate in every Edge project even just created. Restart and full-reinstall didn't help me.


      I was able to reproduce this error on another macbook. Now, another copy of Edge is broken too.


      I have additional js-plugin in project where the error appears. It's declarated out of <!--Adobe Edge Runtime--> block. Could it be the cause of the error?

      What do I need to delete for reset all configs and settings in Edge?


      I hope for your help. Thanks in advance!



      some additions to my issue

      I tried to reproduce this bug twice on mac and pc (win7). On Win7 it unable to reproduce. But i found easy steps to make this bug appears on mac:

      1. Create new project.

      2. Create any shape.

      3. Save project.

      4. Open source html in editor and add followed lines to bottom of <head> section, then save:


      .inactive {

           opacity: .5;



      5. Return to Edge. Click "Yes" in pop-up for reload changes.

      6. Click on shape and set property 'display' from 'Always On' to 'Off'.

      7. Error message appears. Now, Edge is broken. No copies of elements can be created. Changing of 'display' property on some elements not works.

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          jbowden Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          I am unable reproduce the error you are reporting with EA 1.0 on my Mac.


          To clear your Edge preferences, delete this folder: /Users/username/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Edge Animate/1.0.0


          Let us know if clearing the prefs fixes it. If not, please provide more info if there are any other steps to reproduce the error, as well as which version of MacOS X and your EA version (in the about box).


          Also, I'm not sure if your plug-in is causing the problem (especially if it happens with a new project and you haven't referenced the plug-in in the HTML file) - but can you provide more information about the plug-in you're using?




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            Tenphi Level 1

            Thanks for your answer. It helps me a lot. Bug fixed now.


            I was able to reproduce this bug more difficult way on Win7 and consequences are the same. I can send you my project entirely, but i think it won't help you because it's hard to reproduce. Also I was able to catch this bug on blank project with vanilla Edge installation as I said in the message above.


            When I have more information I will let you know.