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    changing to a flex mindset re: stie architecture

      I have only been using Flex for about three weeks. In designing navigation however I have run into some problems that have sometimes I can't solve easily. It occurs to me that part of the problem is that I am still thinking in terms of building traditional sites via Dreamweaver, etc.

      In traditional sites, when I click a link and go to another page from the one I am currently on, and then return, the page I was on originally reloads and re-sets such things as accordion (sprites) files, . to their original states. With Flex it doesn't seem to reset automatically when I go back to a page from which I have navigated and returned (going between components within an application). I would like to hear some discussion on the architecting aspects of Flex especially in the navigation area. Some questions I have are:

      Can I put applcations within other applcations ?

      How can I get components to re-set when nesting components within an applcation that act as pages?

      When using main level navigation and then sub-level navigation, what classes relate to resetting original state and component confirguration?

      Maybe I am just slow to catch on, but it seems that we need to see Flex sites differenly from traditional HTML based sites.

      Am I way off base here?

      Confused in Columbia SC,

      Joe Kerenick

      Is it the application itself that cause the resetting of all other components to their original state?