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    Outputting epub with CS6 - differences from CS5.5?

    Kratos27 Level 1

      Hi. I have Indesign CS5.5 PC and am using the demo of CS6. I have a very rudimentary knowledge of CSS.


      With CS5.5 I create a file and output it as an epub. I then unzip it, open template.css and html page files and make some small changes.


      With CS6 when I output a file (using epub 2 standard) I get an error message that says template.css is missing. The outputting epub checks out fine with epub validators. When i unzip the outputted epub I see that there are some differences to a CS5.5 epub. There is no template.css instead there is a css folder with a css file inside (with references to image frames). And the pages are not html pages, they are xhtml pages.


      Apologies if this goes slightly sidways from the remit of an Indesign forum... My question is, in effect are the epub files outputted from CS6 exactly the same? Is it okay for me to make the same edits to new CSS file and html pages (from the CS6 epub) without experiencing issues?




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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There were changes in the CSS file generated by InDesign in CS6. It creates a CSS file based on the name of the InDesign file. However, if you've opened the file from CS5.5, the file still contains a reference to the CSS file you used before. You can see it in the screen shot below in the Additional CSS section:


          Additional CSS.jpg


          Just select "template.css" and click the Delete button.


          The EPUB standard supports both HTML and XHTML files so there's no problem with that.


          InDesign CS6 supports multiple CSS files now. You could make your own CSS file to override parts of the CSS that InDesign generates. That's why there's a CSS folder structure now.