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    Media-Browser CS6: Thumbs are displayed repeatedly (Photo and Video)


      I have a display problem with the thumbs in the Media-Browser: When I open a folder with a lot of pictures / video clips, the preview starts to process the thumbs. After 10 or 20 thumbs, the previews are reset and the process starts from the beginning. In some cases all of the thumbs are created correctly, as soon as I scroll in the right area, all thumbs are reset and the procress starts all over again. This is very annoying when browsing for some clips or photos. Are there any possibilities to change the parameters of the thumb database?


      My working place:

      Windows 7 SP1 (fully patched)

      i7 with 16 GB RAM

      NVIDIA 2000

      480 GB SSD with Program & Clip Data

      PPro CS6 (patched automatically)


      The hardware seems to be sufficent for video editing, so I don't think its a performance problem. There must be a problem with the registering of the thumbs or something like that.


      Thx a lot for your help in advance.

      Best regards to you all.