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    get actual visible width of an groupitem


      Hi Experts,


      Actually i am in the middle of a big problem.


      Problem: To get the top, left and width of an groupitem without Clipping mask. Actually the group has Clipping mask. But i need only the width of the selection (without Clipping mask). I got these properties in scripting but including the clipping mask. The GUI itself shows different (i.e. Info -->: X:0 mm, Y:0 mm, W:full width [including clipping mask]. Transform palette -->: X:43.00, Y:22.0, W:64 [excluding clipping mask])


      How to get the properties without clipping mask??.


      Please help...


      With best.


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          CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          loop thru all pathItems in the group and check for their "clipping" property,


          var idoc = app.activeDocument;
          var igroup = idoc.groupItems[0];
          for (i=0; i<igroup.pathItems.length; i++) {
              var ipath = igroup.pathItems[i];
              if (ipath.clipping) {