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    how to go to footnote number automatically using Find or GREP




      I have been looking for how to search within footnotes. I have a Paragraph Style for my footnotes and can easily search anything within the citation but it won't take me straight to the number because I need to know what page it is at.


      For instance the client is reading off his Microsoft Word doc and wants to edit the footnote no. 55. I don't know which page this footnote is at in the Indesign file, unless I just use the basic ^F with the "Find/Change" and manually go through it from no.1 until I reach no.55.


      Isn't there a faster way to do this?


      Thanks a bunch!

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          InDesign treats footnote references as a single character, so 1 is a single character, 10 is singular, 100 is a single character.


          There is no convential way to search footnotes by numbers.


          It might be able to be scripted, you should check out the scripting forum.



          One very visible way to see footnotes is in the Story Editor.


          Highlight your text frame and go to View>Story Editor


          The footnotes should be inside a tag - and you can scan the Story Editor to find the Footnote quickly

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            [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

            Here is a tiny Javascript that prompts you for a footnote number.


            Caveats: it only works with numbered footnotes, not with "a", "b", "c" or "*", "**", "***" or "i", "ii", "iii" or any of the other numbering styles. It simply enumerates the current footnotes starting from '1' -- even if you have it start at another number, or have it restart numbering on every new page or section.

            In addition, since every story (continuous thread of text) contains its own set of footnotes, you have to click the text cursor into your current story.


            var notenum = prompt ('Footnote', '1-'+String(app.selection[0].parentStory.footnotes.length));
            if (notenum && notenum.match(/^\d+$/))
            app.layoutWindows[0].zoomPercentage = app.layoutWindows[0].zoomPercentage;


            (Edit: Added the allowed range in the prompt)