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    Premiere does not work with Audition

    was2008 Level 1

      I am working with Production Premium CS5.5 (German version). When ever I try to send audio to Audition (Right click/Edit in Audition) I am receiving the follwong error message: File could not be found. The project and all footage is in the same folder. Production Premium is running on my system SSD. Did this happen to someone? Any idea what could be the reason?  I posted this to the German Forum and s.o. asked me to give shorter names to the files. It did not work out though. I had this problem with als my projects yet but could ignore the problem since they were simple projects with one audio only. Now it is too complex and I would like to use this function.

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          Was there anything else in the error message besides "File not found"?


          Is Audition installed and working correctly? For example, can you open Audition as stand alone and open an audio file with it?


          It could be Dynamic Link did not install correctly since you say you've had this problem with all your projects. Can you successfully send a clip to AE? Are you able to send a photo on the timeline to Photoshop?

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            was2008 Level 1


            Here is a picture of the error message. In line one it says "opening converted file", next line,: "warning/error - when opening the following file an error occured.". IN the end row: "Details: the file could not be found"


            Audition is installed and runs fine seperately. There is no problem with opening audio files, e.g. wav.


            Dynamic link in combination with AE and Encore is fine as well. Actually I did not know that I can send photos from the timeline to photoshop. Does this work via right click? I do not find any option then. I only found in the file menue the option : "New/Create Photoshop file"

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              steve1.3 Level 1

              Yes, a photo can be sent to Photoshop by right-clicking on it (either on the timeline or in the Project panel) and selecting Edit in Adobe Photoshop.


              I'm not sure what the answer would be to the issue you're seeing when trying to send an audio clip to Audition. I also have CS5.5 Production Premium. When I do that I get a quickly displayed small dialogue box that says Render and Replace. Then Audition starts up and in a few more seconds it's open and the audio is on Audition's timeline. This has always worked for me with the two main types of files I work with: AVCHD and Canon MXF.


              What is the source of your audio files (camera model or audio recorder model, etc.)?

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                was2008 Level 1

                Interesting, I found the photoshop option - and it works fine too.


                I tried a separate audio file, same error. It starts as you describe with a box saying Render and Replace. Then, at 100% it says: File not found.


                The source of my files ist different. Whatever am using: mp3 soundtrack, imported Mini DV, P2 - it is always the same error message. I reinstalled the entire suite - nothing chenged. Audition is still giving the same error message.

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                  steve1.3 Level 1

                  That is strange. Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I'll give your question another bump and hopefully someone will be able to help soon. Good luck with this.

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                    Stephen_Spider Level 3

                    I had reinstall Audition in CS 6 a couple of weeks ago. I don't know what the deal was but Audition works now.

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                      was2008 Level 1

                      So that's what I tried:


                      - reinstalled Audition seperately and the entire suite

                      - installed the entire suite on a new partition (not on ssd, to see if it makes a difference)


                      Result: Audition cannot open the file. On the other hand dynamic link works fine with all the other applications (AE, Photoshop, Premiere, Encore)