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    Fly-out menus don't record

      We are using Captivate to record "How-to's" for our Sharepoint Portal users. We are using the flyout menus in the Quick Launch (the default menu on the left side of the page).

      During recording, I hover the mouse over the main heading in the Quick launch menu and the second level menu items "flyout", then I select the second level menu item I need for the demo.
      While recording, everything displays and looks correct.

      When I play the completed recording, the secondary level menu items have disappeared; the mouse pointer shows up and the "clicks" can be heard but where the flyout menu items should be is the web page, as if the flyouts are transparent.

      I think the flyouts are javascript functions. Does Captivate have a problem with capturing objects created with javascript?

      Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

      I'd welcome any kind of troubleshooting advice you'd have.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Judy and welcome to our community

          When recording, you should probably consider tapping the Print Screen key when you see these menus. This should force Captivate to grab a screen capture that contains the menu. Unless the menu is being presented in a really odd manner, the screen capture should grab the menu and things should work "more better", (Or is that "mo betta"?)

          Cheers... Rick