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    Fetching wordspacing  and margin left

    Pooja_IDDev Level 1



      1.I have a textframe on which text is placed.

      I want to select a single line and get word spacing within that line.

      I know there is paragraph styles menu which contains Justification option.

      This contains word-spacing option but in % and will return word spacing in paragraph.I want within text.


      2. When I select textframe x and y co-ordinates for that textframe can be shown.

      but if I select text in that textframe x,y options not shown.

      How can I get that values?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Jump_Over Level 5



          1. Word spacing in justification option are Minimum, Optimal and Maximum values (in percent) used by ID while justifying paragraph and calculating a proper word-space to find the best looking solution. This not an real word space but some limits and prefered values.


          2. To get real space ==> compare words properties:

          .horizontalOffset and .endHorizontalOffset.


          To get alike "y" co-ordinate of text, check text.endBaseline property,

          but be awared: this is a original baseline position (i.e. supscript or superscript not taken into consideration)