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    Air HTML app with Flash video player and relative URLs




      I built an Air wrapper around a HTML presentation.

      This means I have several HTML files that are presentend in the Air application on Mac and Windows.


      My problem is now that I have an embedded Flash Video SWF file in one of these HTML files and the FLVPlayback component does not "find" the video file via a relative path. (if I embedd a FLV file everything is fine)


      I set the path via this AS3 ...

      flvPlayer.source = root.loaderInfo.parameters["VideoPath"];


      If I set VideoPath to an absolute path everything is fine.

      If I set VideoPath to a relative path it does not work.


      What is the correct path format and where is the root?


      I tried as root the location of the SWF file, the location of the HTML file, the location of the App root etc.