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    using a flash button as a 'PayPal cart' link



      I'm making a simple shop in dreamweaver that includes a few flash buttons that navigate to different pages. I was hoping i could use one of these buttons to take users to a PayPal Cart. I've been using the webassist plug in in Dreamweaver to make "add to cart" paypal links but as far as I'm aware I can only specify a customised static image using this and not a .swf.

      Is there some code that i can attach to the flash 'basket' button that will take users to the PayPal Cart?

      Here's the - very much work in progress- site so far http://dave-cunningham.com/rainbow%20pie/welcome.html

      thanks for your help!



      Just some backgrounds info:
      I have used bits and bobs of flash for quite a few years but only know the real basics when it comes to actionscript. I'm using Flash CS3 and Dreamwaever 8