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    choose folder default location

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      I've been searching the forum to try and a way to allow a user to choose a folder from a default location. I thought I had found the solution but it's not quite working as I wanted:


      #target illustrator



      //Example 1

      var output_folder = Folder.selectDialog ('Choose PDF output folder.');



      //Example 2

      var myFolder=Folder(app.activeDocument.path).selectDlg("Choose PDF output folder:");


      If I use the code in example 1 the choose folder dialog appears and the 'Open' button is available and when I press the button the location is chosen as expected. However if I use the code in example 2, although the choose window opens in the path of the active documents location the 'Open' button is not able to be pressed until I select a folder., which means that the chosen location is not correct. I should indicate that I'm running this code on a Mac.


      Does anybody know a way to have a choose folder dialog window specify a location and be able to select that.