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    Text of Illustrator imports to ID can go from sharp to fuzzy in PDF exports, on their own

    kreidberg Level 1

      When I import an Illustrator document into In Design, I find that the text used in Illustrator must be Arial (at least this works for me).   if it is Myriad Pro, then when I export a pdf from In Design, the text in the pdf looks fuzzy, whereas if the text in Illustrator is Arial, the exported pdf from In Design looks sharp. The problem is that sometimes in the exported PDF, the text of the Illustrator file in IN Design  gets fuzzy on ITS OWN!!. One day the exported pdf looks fine, the next day I re-export the PDF from ID, and now the text in the Illustrator file within the exported pdf looks fuzz.  If I then re-import the Illustrator file into ID and re-export the PDF, the PDF looks fine again.


      I am not talking about the text looking fuzzy in ID, I am only concerned with the rext looking fuzzy in the exported PDF.