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    Slow access to flash remoting

    Wave cult Level 1



      I'm working on flex 4.6 web application which retrieve data from a ColdFusion 9 cfc.

      The cfc use the CF9 ORM to read from db and serve object to the Flex application.


      I'm testing the application against two servers, on the first one I'm using http and on the second one I'm using https.


      My problem is about the first access to the data (I'm reffering to a simple login service call which retrieve a user object by its username and password).

      Using the http server everything work fine and it's really quick to retrieve data and go on with the application.

      The https server it's really slow in retrieving user data which results in a long time waiting to login a user.
      After this first access (the login) the rest of the application on the https server works well as the one on http server does retrieving large amount very quickly.

      Why only the login (which in fact retrieve only the small user data object) it's so timespending ?


      I tried to acces the cfc on the https server by a standard cfm page and it responds me instantly so I suppose the cfc service works right.


      Is there anyone who worked with flash remoting and https and have experienced this long time waiting during the first access to the flashremoting service?

      How can I solve this problem ?


      Thank you,