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    CS6 UI Font Size no longer works


      Changing the UI Font size in Prefs>Interface>Text no longer works. It did work after I installed CS6 - I was able to change to the Medium setting, and change it back to Small.  Now the actua  text size stays at Small, even  though it is set to medium.  This afterafter I restart PSx64.


      I have deleted CS6x64 prefs. Didn't help. Updated today - (says 13.0.1, though I believe the updater said it would update Photoshop to


      Windows Appearance and Personalization>Display is set to the default - Smaller.  I wonder it may have to do with changing that size - I had tried setting that to Medium - 125%, but set it back to the default Smaller - 100%. Not sure when the PS UI text size stopped working.


      I know his is a common problem - I hope that my mentioning changing the Windows 7 Display from 100% to 125% and then back to 100% will give someone a clue.



      resolution on my NEC PA301W is the default 2560 x 1600.


      new Windows 7 x64 HP Z220 machine.

      32GB RAM 

      Video Card: AMD FirePro V4900

      OpenCL Version:

      Driver Version: 8.911.3.1000


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          I read somewhere that the UI font is ADMUI3.fon in the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\Required folder. Is it possible that font file can get corrupted? I realize that this is not likely the problem since my CS6 interface is working, just stuck on Small, but thought it worth a try.