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    CMS recommendations ?

    stephan.k Level 1
      Hi Forum

      I've posted something like this earlier and was wondering if there are any new hot solutions out there besides Drupal...

      I find myself making more and more the same kind of sites... you know... the old home / about / portfolio / contact kinda sites. The request for "can you make this part updateable" comes in also more often...

      Most CMS solutions that I've looked into seem to be made for blogs / portals / community kind of sites with tons of features. I'm a little overwhelmed by just digging through the instructions.

      I'm certainly willing to invest a little bit of time to learn a new system if it will suit me in the future.

      I'm looking for something that would allow the user to add items in the portfolio section for example. I'm thinking a few text fields and a few images.. and then put all that into XML format so that the front end (flash) can read it and keep the site upto date.

      Any suggestions or thoughts? I'd appreciate it.

      Thanks for your time.