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    How do I sync a audio recording with video?



      I recorded a concert using my DSLR and a separate sound recorder. What is the easiest way to sync these two up in PE10? I had hoped that at the least I could compare the wave files of both the original recording on the camera with the separate recording. But PE10 only shows the wave file of the recording from the camera. The wav file from the recorder is just shown as a green bar. Any ideas?





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          First, what is the file format, and its specs. for the remote recorder?


          Though the rates of modern cameras and digital recorders SHOULD match 100%, in the real-world, they seldom do. This make perfect syncing a labor intensive process.


          One should do tests between the cameras and the recorders, to find out the % or error. Then, adjust their Audio to match first. As an example, one user in the PrPro Forum tested his Panasonic cameras, and his Zoom recorders, and found that the Zooms were off by 0.04% constantly. To correct this, he used the Time Remapping (with Maintain Pitch checked), and would apply that adjustment to all of the Zooms' files - perfect sync.


          As for the Waveform not displaying for your remote recorder, did you allow those files to completely Conform (creation of the CFA and PEK files, the latter is the Waveform Display)? See this article: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/726693?tstart=30


          Also, you should be able to increase the vertical zoom of your Audio Tracks, and hence any Clips on them, by hovering the Cursor over the junction between Tracks, in the Track Header, and when it turns into a = sign, with up/down arrows, click+drag. Then, you should be able to find commonality in the beginning, to sync up to. Tip: for this critical work, toggle the Snap feature OFF, with the S key.


          Good luck,